The PADI Divemaster Course

Looking for an extended Divemaster Internship, or shorter Divemaster course? Read on, we have packages to suit all budgets and time frames. This one of PADI's most challenging programs, and you are going to love it, this is your first step on the ladder as a professional diver, for some this is preparation for PADIs Instructor Development Program (IDC),  for others this is a ticket to work in some of the most breathtaking locations on earth and do every day what others only dream about. The program will be a challenge, like anything worth doing you will have to work for it, but the rewards are endless.

Diver Medical Please note a diver medical is mandatory before any in-water training begins, and again at any time during a course when there is reason to believe your medical condition may have changed. You will need to present this form to your doctor, who in turn will need to sign the declaration that you are fit for scuba diving. You will not be able to participate in the program without this signed medical waiver, we suggest you have it done before arrival in Moalboal, as facilities here are basic.

How to get started? You need to be a certified Rescue Diver, or  equivalent, and have had CPR and First Aid Training within the last 24 months. If you are lacking any of these just let us know and we can include them in your training package.

How long does it take? The program is extremely flexible and personal, everybody learns at their own pace, budget and available time will play a factor in how long you choose to be with us. We offer 15 day, 30 day and 60 packages, the longer you can commit, the more we can teach you. We can also put together a custom package for people with specific learning goals, let us know how we can help.

Learning options? You have some options on how to approach your independent studies, crewpack (paper manuals) or e-learning (online manuals).

E-learning is ideal for candidates planning ahead and have some time to study before arriving in Moalboal, the majority of your studies can be completed in the comfort of your own home leaving you more free time for diving when you are here. There is an additional charge of 7500 PHP for this service.

The Divemaster Crewpack contains your course materials for program and some items you will need once you start working as a divemaster, such as cue cards and diving planning tools. If you opt for e-learning you will get a crewpack lite, which covers everything not included in your online program, everyone else gets the full pack. Your crewpack is included in your course costs.

Please indicate which of these two learning options you prefer when booking your program, if you need some guidance get in touch by email or skype.

What does it cost?

15 day Divemaster package This is aimed at those wishing to increase their knowledge and in-water skill. 

Inclusions: The PADI Divemaster Crewpack, a Savedra Crew T shirt and Unlimited Scuba Diving during training

Exclusions: PADI fees and dive equipment.

30 Day Divemaster package This is our minimum recommended package for those wishing to progress to Assistant instructor or the IDC. This time frame allows us to include some hands on experience after basic training.

Inclusions: The PADI Divemaster Crewpack, a Savedra Crew T shirt, a Savedra baseball cap, PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty, 10 free Nitrox tank fills and Unlimited Scuba Diving during training

Exclusions: PADI fees and dive equipment.

60 Day  Divemaster Internship The ideal package to prepare you for life as a dive professional, either going forward to the IDC or for a career as a Divemaster. This package includes a gas blender certification and just as importantly the opportunity to practice gas blending during your time with us. After certification you have the option to continue working with us for an additional month for no extra charge. 

Inclusions: The PADI Divemaster Crewpack, a Savedra Crew T shirt, a Savedra baseball cap, a free Scuba Mask, PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty, 10 free Nitrox tank fills, A PADI Gas Blender Specialty, one month free experience, Unlimited Scuba Diving during training, Free intro to Tec diving  and a free IDC Preparation Course.

Exclusions: PADI fees and dive equipment.

Summary of training costs please let us know your preferred package when booking.

15 Day Divemaster Course 56,000 PHP

30 Day Divemaster Course 69,000 PHP

60 Day Divemaster Internship 99,000 PHP

Dive Equipment 1000 PHP per week

Accommodation Our packages come with an AC room with a private bathroom and wifi, if you would rather find your own place let us know and we will adjust your price.

Booking your training could not be easier, courses are available all year round, just drop us a line via our contact page or chat to us on skype. If you would like us to arrange your transfers please have your flight information handy, if you do not have this yet this can be booked and confirmed later.