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Project Description

EFR Instructor Course

The EFR curriculum consists of a variety of CPR, First Aid and supporting programs, including regional specific programs. These are important skills for divers participating in any program, but essential for those from Rescue and on.

Since March 2008 all PADI Instructors are required to be EFR primary, secondary and care for children instructor. This provides consistency in all programs, particularly the important Rescue and Divemaster courses.

Divers tend to think of the EFR courses as just for divers, this is far from the truth. EFR Instructors can also offer this program outside of diving, including workplace courses, it is a very useful qualification to hold.

We offer these two day courses immediately prior to each IDC, however we can also run a course anytime outside of IDCs on request.

The following presentations are delivered in class

  1. Emergency First Response Educational Philosophy
  2. Learning and Instruction Workshop
  3. Teaching Emergency First Response Skills Workshop
  4. Care for Children and CPR & AED Course Standards and Content
  5. Care for Children Skills Workshop
  6. Organizing an Emergency First Response Course
  7. Mannequin Cleaning Workshop
  8. Marketing Emergency First Response
  9. Emergency First Response Instructor Exam Procedures

Candidates must successfully demonstrate the following skills

  1. Teach at least two primary or secondary care skills from the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR), Secondary Care (First Aid) or CPR & AED courses.
  2. Teach at least one skill from the Care for Children course.
  3. During skill teaching presentations, candidates must identify problems or ineffective techniques and appropriately correct them using positive coaching methods.
  4. Demonstrate role-model technique for all 15 Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care course skills.
  5. Demonstrate role-model technique for selected Care for Children skills.
  6. Successfully complete the Instructor Course Final Exam with a score of 75 percent or higher.

The EFR Instructor course can be taken by anyone who is 18 years or older, and has had an EFR primary and secondary care certification (CPR and First Aid) training, or equivalent, within the past 24 months.

You will need the latest EFR Instructor manual and a student manual, we can supply the instructor manual to you at cost price, or you can purchase your own directly from PADI, or via any PADI re seller. We strongly recommend you contact us first so that we can give you the latest product number  to avoid you being given outdated materials from re-sellers.

The EFR Instructor course is 10,000 PHP, the crewpack is 6,000 PHP. A deposit of twenty percent of your training is required to secure you place on the course, this can be paid to us in EURO, PHP or USD via bank to bank transfer.

Upon arrival the remainder of your balance is due, this must be received in full before the start of your course, if you wish to pay the full balance rather than a deposit this is not a problem, and can save you transfer fees.

Contact the Course Director as early as possible, we can only accept a limited number of students on to each program, it is wise to book your preferred date in advance, and work remotely with the Course Director for IDC pre study assignments. For starters he will need the following information

1-The date of your CPR and First aid cert or renewal
2-Any other programs you wish to take at the same time (E.G IDC)


Lee Butler
Lee ButlerCourse Director, EFR IT & Tec IT
Lee has been a PADI Course Director and Instructor Trainer since 2012, conducting PADI IDC’s and Instructor programs with Savedra since.
Lee is a keen open and closed circuit technical and cave diver, and brings a wealth of diving knowledge and experience to each program.
In addition to being a Course Director he is also the General Manager of Savedra Dive Center, this puts him in a great positon to help you get started with your new diving career.

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