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Project Description

TDI Full Cave Instructor

The Full Cave Instructor has one of the best jobs in the world, any number of the planets submerged caves can be claimed as their office. The objective of the full cave course is to expand and critique previous skills accomplished in the TDI Cavern and Intro to Cave Diving programs.

The instructor candidate will demonstrate skills from the Intro to Cave Course, present academic topics from, and demo diver skills such as air sharing through restrictions, no light drills, traverses, gaps and circuits.

The full cave instructor is responsible for guiding students towards the goals listed below, our task during the instructor course is to fully prepare you to pass on and evaluate these skills, in very challenging environments

Academic topics for the full cave diver

1. Policy for Cave Diving
2. Gas Matching Procedures
3. Psychological Considerations
4. Equipment Considerations
5. Communication
6. Swimming Techniques
7. Physiology
8. Cave Environment
9. Conservation
10. Problem Solving
11. Accident Analysis
12. Review of Dive Tables and Decompression Theory
13. Cave Diving Etiquette

The following land drills must be covered during the full cave diver course:

1. How to properly deploy a guideline
2. How to properly follow a guideline
3. Use of safety reel in lost diver procedures
4. Use of safety reel in lost line drill

The full cave student must perform the following S-drill and skills during all dives:

1. Demonstrate adequate pre-dive planning
2. Equipment check and equipment matching
3. Bubble check
4. Demonstrate specialized propulsion techniques in varying types of flow
5. Demonstrate proper buoyancy control
6. Demonstrate proper body posture
7. Demonstrate proper stress analysis (detection and management)

The full cave diver student must perform the following in-water skills during cave dives:

1. Properly deploy a guideline
2. Properly use directional and non directional line markers
3. Properly follow a guideline with eyes open and closed (simulating loss of visibility)
4. Air share with a buddy with eyes open , following the guideline
5. Air share with a buddy with lights off and eyes closed and use touch contact, following the guideline
6. Remove and replace mask while in contact with guideline
7. Demonstrate light / hand -signals and touch contact
8. Conservation and awareness techniques
9. Referencing as back-up navigation
10. Demonstrate adequate anti-silting techniques
11. Simulate a primary light failure, and use back light to exit the cave
12. Demonstrate lost line and lost diver drills
13. Demonstrate to use of reels to perform jumps and gaps required in circuits and traverses to maintain a continuous guideline to open water

  • Minimum age 21
  • Be a certified as an open water instructor in active teaching status with an internationally recognized scuba training agency for at least 2 years
  • Have a minimum certification of TDI Introductory Cave Instructor or equivalent (e.g. NACD, and NSS-CDS), with active teaching status
  • Provide proof of at least 200 full-cave dives
  • Provide proof of teaching a minimum of 3 TDI Introductory Cave Diver courses
  • Provide proof of assisting with a minimum of 1 complete TDI Full Cave Diver course with an active TDI Full Cave Diver Instructor
  • Provide recommendation from a minimum of 1 TDI Full Cave Diver Instructor with whom the candidate has assisted in cave training, stating the candidate is prepared for the TDI Full Cave Diver Instructor Evaluation Program. *

*The TDI Full Cave Diver Instructor candidate must work with a minimum of 1 TDI Full Cave Diver Instructor and 1 TDI Full Cave Evaluator. The final TDI Full Cave Evaluator cannot give the candidate’s recommendation to enter in the TDI Full Cave Diver Instructor course.

You will need a copy of TDI Diving in Overhead Environments Instructor Manual, and accompanying slides. We will also provide you with additional non course related reading when you book your courses via our online classroom.

The course cost is 50,000 PHP, this includes dives and tuition. There may be small incidental costs involved for travelling to the caves, this will be discussed and agreed before you commit to the course. We can arrange rental equipment, however we highly recommend you use your own if at all possible. Professional registration fees with TDI, and instructor materials are not included in this cost, we can arrange the materials for you if needed, please contact your local TDI office for fees, let us know if you need any help with that.

We have a limited number of twin bed fan dormitory rooms for 2500 PHP per person, per week. These come with a kitchenette and bathroom, simple backpacker style.

If you prefer something else we work with a number of local resorts and hotels, or you might like to check services like,  AirBNB we can help with local information if needed.

A typical hotel room starts from 1500 per night and up, the average would be around 2000 PHP. A typical self service monthly rental room or studio from 10,000 PHP and up, the average around 15000 PHP per month.

See here for more information on accommodation.

Contact the Course Director as early as possible, we can only accept a limited number of students on to each program, it is wise to book your preferred date in advance.

Please provide the following information when you book.

Which agency are you certified as a cave diver with?
How many cave and cavern dives have you done?
How many other overhead dives (e.g. wreck) have you done?
How many total dives have you done?
How long have you been diving?
Any significant gaps in your diving experience?



Lee Butler
Lee ButlerCourse Director, EFR IT & Tec IT
Lee has been a PADI Course Director and Instructor Trainer since 2012, conducting PADI IDC’s and Instructor programs with Savedra since.
Lee is a keen open and closed circuit technical and cave diver, and brings a wealth of diving knowledge and experience to each program.
In addition to being a Course Director he is also the General Manager of Savedra Dive Center, this puts him in a great position to help you get started with your new diving career.

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